Published Works

I participated in the Writer’s Games at the Writer’s Workout website twice in 2018 and once in 2019. While I’ve posted a few of my non-winner flash fictions here, a few of my stories made the final cut and have been published in these anthologies.

“Those Who Rule the Stars and the Universe” (the first with that title in the Table of Contents), a story about Galileo, appears in Volume 4.

“Over the Top,” a story about the Spanish Flu in 1918, made it into Volume 5.

I really hit my stride in 2019, winning or placing in four of the five rounds of competition. Volume 6 features: “The Second Obstacle,” “First Day Jitters,” “The Bechdel Bunny,” and “Out of This World.”

I Will Faithfully Execute: The Commencement by [D'Onofrio, Kevin, Kelly, Tony, Lusk, Samantha]I Will Faithfully Execute, Vol. II.
One of my old friends wrote an adult Choose-Your-Own-Adventure for a now defunct publisher. He asked if I would write some of the “offshoots” in the sequel. I only wrote about 10-15% of this book (the Washington D.C. stuff), but I wrote closer to 1/3 of Vol. III, currently being edited, and will end up writing about half of Vol. IV, still in development.

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